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Shellviz is a data visualization tool that uses your phone as an interactive second screen, allowing you to upload and explore data to it from your Javascript or Python scripts

How it works

Shellviz is totally free and doesn't require any configuration, sign-up, or API key to use. Just download the package and you are ready to use it!

pip install shellviz

Start by integrating the Shellviz library into your script, then scan the QR code it generates to pair your phone to your script. This connection lets you transmit data to your phone for instant visualization.

import Shellviz from shellviz sv = Shellviz()

Use your phone as a second screen to exploring and make sense of your data. Shellviz helps make simplify complex or hard-to-read data; it's perfect for analyzing big lists and dictionaries, generating downloadable CSV files, searching and slicing JSON objects, and filtering large lists of objects.

ufo_sightings = [{"year": "2009", "sightings": 4297}, [...], {"year": "2010", "sightings": 2531}] sightings_by_year = [s["sightings"] for s in ufo_sightings] sv.visualize(sightings_by_year)

Shellviz has many different ways of visualizing data, including charts, tables, cards, maps, and more. Take a look at the documentation to learn more, or explore some example scenarios to see how it can help.

Example Scenarios

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